Vritra 180SF


A unique big bait these days?…that is “VRITRA”. Coming in at just over 7″, this bait is incredibly easy to fish and cast. The wide lip translates into fluid swimming action, and the large flat body allows for outstanding side-to-side action (with just a touch of roll) on the twitch. The distinct profile and long tail create glossy ripples on the surface during both a slow steady retrieve and while twitching. Get it down a bit under the surface and watch it do its thing while you impart action…This thing is deadly and truly something to get excited about. Check out the footage and see for yourself…this is a must-have.

PLEASE NOTE: These lures do not come with hooks – Suggested Hook Size: #2 to #3 
We highly recommend Studio Composite’s Twin Hook System in size #2 

Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.