DrancKrazy Whipper


The DrancKrazy Whipper is here! This soft bodied, single hook, topwater frog is made of an ultra-durable, buoyant compound that is supple and stretches to EXTREMES, allowing it to last for many, many fish. The Whipper features a channel in its back to guard the point when rigged (Hooks Not Included), making it come through nasty slop, grass, etc. with ease. The lifelike eyes and anatomically correct appendages that kick/move with incredible realism on the twitch are a sight to behold and will fool, any fish into chewing on it. This bait is truly something to get excited about and is going to be a staple in every frog fisherman’s arsenal.

Quantity Per Package: 2

Body Length: 3 inches

Overall Lengt: 5 Inches

Net Weight: 9 Grams


Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.