DrancKrazy Sumeragi Arowana Swimbaits



The new “SUMERAGI” is the first ultra realistic Arowana-bodied swimbait, with details that are unparalleled on the market. From the beautifully hand-carved scales to each one being had-painted…this bait stands alone. The s-waiving swim from its two-piece jointed design is smooth and lifelike, resulting in vicious strikes. Additionally, the use of soft material for the fins/tail adds even more lifelike realism and enables the Sumeragi to be twitched/fished erratically when needed without losing its appeal. In addition, it is equipped with a solid core system (patent pending), which not only allows it to be realistically shaped but also offers up overwhelming strength that ordinary lures cannot match. “Show the fish something different”, they say….*Sumeragi enters the room*

Length: 150mm (6″)
Weight: 50g (2oz)
Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.