Studio Composite Twin Hook System


The distance between the three hook points of a commonly sold treble hook is 120 degrees (360 degrees ÷ 3 = 120) and while trebles do a pretty good job of keeping fish pinned, SC has created an even better solution. So…What sets this system apart? The movement and tracking is a key feature of the twin hook system. The angle/distance between the hook points of the Studio Composite Twin Hook system is set to 100 degrees for very specific reasons. If the distance between these two hooks is narrow, it’s easier for the two hooks to penetrate the fish’s mouth together at the same time possibly creating one larger hole, bettering chances of your bait being thrown. Additionally, if the distance between the two hooks is too wide, it becomes difficult for both hooks penetrate the target’s mouth. The hook points being spaced at 100 degrees has proven itself incredibly effective and reliable in terms of hook-up-landing ratio. This is also largely due to the flexible silicone tubing that joins the twin hooks allowing them to then move independently (360 degrees) of each other once they are embedded in the fish’s mouth, making sure your catch makes it into your hands. 6 years of research and development has gone into these amazing hooks. Find out what they are all about for yourself.

Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.