A true multi-task rod showcasing lightness, operability, and sensitivity that only a 6′ 5″ mid-length stick can provide. The combined M-powered tip and MH-powered butt section is most comfortable tossing lure weights of 1/4 to 1/2 oz, but can get down in that 1/8oz range if needed. The MH butt section, provides plenty of power to pull fish out of/away from structure/cover, meaning the IBC-65MMH also makes for a great pitching stick in tighter quarters for tossing everything from jigs and larger weightless plastics to Chatterbaits and Spinnerbaits. The IBC-65MMH is the ultimate in versatile rods, making the possibilities “Infinite” with just one “Blade”.

■Materials used: Carbon fiber 95% Glass fiber 5%
■Resin: Epoxy resin
■Total length: 195.6cm
■Finished size: 195.8cm
■Rod weight: 110g
■Tip diameter:1.65mm
■Base diameter: 11.2mm
■Pieces: 1
■Taper: Fast
■Manufacturing method: Tubular

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