A rod designed for swim jigs, built on a 24-ton carbon foundation, then blended with 30 and 40 ton carbon, leaving you with a blank that combines torque and agility. A regular fast taper that demonstrates its unique ability to yield power along with just enough finesse. The tip section is tuned to do a couple of very important things. It’s just soft enough to allow fish to inhale your bait, while also keeping your swim jig from rising too high in the water column on the retrieve, which many swim jigs tend to do. This allows you more control when it comes to staying just above/within the upper few inches of submerged grass as well as increased hook-up percentages, where the powerful backbone section takes over. The IBC-71H really is a special rod that has proven itself indispensable for swim jig patterns and excels at tossing a wide range of weights from 1/4oz to 3/4oz.

■Materials used Carbon fiber 95% Glass fiber 5%
■Resin used Epoxy resin
■Total length 216cm
■Finished dimensions 184.9cm
■Rod weight 128g
■Tip diameter 2.1mm
■Base diameter 14.7mm
■Removable Handle
■Taper: Regular Fast Tubular Blank

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