A 7-foot heavy-powered rod that features a crisp fast taper, outstanding sensitivity, and increased torque. The IBC-70H is the opposite of the Swimming Jig special IBC-71H, which has a soft tip designed to excel at letting fish eat your moving single hook offering. This is a bottom contact specific stick that allows you to clearly detect and efficiently navigate multiple types of cover and/or structure. Don’t let the IBC-70H’s weight fool you. It’s light, but oh-so powerful. This rod is right at home tossing mid to heavy-weight jigs, T-rigs and similar baits into brush and grass where sensitivity is often dulled, yet it will clearly transmit bites to your fingertips. Not to mention, it is incredibly well balanced. These are just a few things that set it apart from other heavy-powered rods that tend to focus more on power. A must for any bottom contact junkie.

■Materials used: Carbon fiber 95% Glass fiber 5%

■Resin used: Epoxy resin

■Total length: 213cm

■Finished dimensions: 213.4cm

■Rod weight: 114g

■Tip diameter: 1.8mm

■Butt diameter: 13.2mm

■Pieces: 1 Piece
■Taper: Fast

■Manufacturing method: Tubular Blank

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