A truly versatile 6′ 5″ spinning rod with a beautifully implemented 30 ton carbon solid tip section that smoothly transitions into its 30-ton tubular mid section and then into a very powerful 40 ton carbon butt section. The parabolic taper enhances long distance casting performance and excels at tossing lightweight offerings, such as weightless plastics/creatures, and small plugs such as spy baits. A rod that covers many genres, making it a stand-out model that should not be overlooked.

■Materials used: Carbon fiber 95% Glass fiber 5%

■Resin: Epoxy resin

■Total length: 195cm

■Rod weight: 86g

■Tip diameter: 0.9mm

■Base diameter: 9.4mm

■Pieces: 1

■Taper: regular fast

■Manufacturing method: Tubular and Solid Tip

Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.