In addition to the 6’10” length, which is easy to handle, ISM has created a lineup of hard bait/special glass tip model hybrid composite rods. The theory: If a single rod could handle everything from small/medium size cranks to full size cranks for 3m/4m depths, this 610MMLGT is the closest thing to that idea realized. A ML-Powered glass, solid tip section is used along with the heavier powered butt section, which is made of 24-ton low-elasticity carbon. The UD glass material used in the tip section loads up very nicely on a cast and rebounds quickly, but then transitions into that carbon backbone providing excellent hooking power, even at a long distances. Because the tip section is supple, it reliably capitalizes on bites from any direction, even at high speeds. Reducing missed bites and fish coming unbuttoned while fishing hard baits was primary the goal in designing this rod.The 610MMLGT = Mission accomplished.

■Materials: Carbon fiber 40% Glass fiber 60%
■Resin: Epoxy resin
■Length: 208cm
■Rod length: 208.3cm
■Rod weight: 123g
■Tip diameter: 2.3mm
■Base diameter 13.4mm
■Pieces: 1
■Taper: regular
■Manufacturing method Glass tip – Tubular Carbon

Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.