In the past decade, magnum cranks, mag topwaters, and jerkbaits have become more commonly thrown during tournaments in search of those money-winning big bites. Additionally, there are many scenarios where casting accuracy is a must when using these baits. By default, when tossing bigger baits, we tend to reach for a longer more powerful rod, but often, it’s difficult to cast accurately and effectively fish certain key areas with those longer sticks. That’s where the unique IBC-68MHGT comes in. A shorter rod, equipped with a solid glass tip that loads up easily, making accurate casting a breeze. Don’t be fooled by its shorter 6′ 8″ stature or buy into the myth that all big bait rods need to be long. A shorter rod for this duty is easy to handle in almost any scenario, especially tight quarters from the shore as well as in boats. A rod like this excels at overhead/side arm or roll-casting at targets, skipping under docks or overhangs, long pitches in smaller areas and so much more. Even better…the combination of the carbon butt/mid section’s slower taper and glass tip, ensure your lure’s action is at its absolute best, while capitalizing on any short bites. In addition, the unique glass tip section will keep those bigger fish pinned while the carbon/hybrid butt section gives you the power to turn and land those crucial fish. The ultimate heavyweight hardbait special, that is the IBC-68MHGT.

■Materials used: Carbon fiber 40% Glass fiber 60%
■Resin: Epoxy resin
■Rod length: 203.2cm
■Rod weight: 137g
■Tip diameter: 2.6mm
■Pieces: 1
■Taper: Slow
■Manufacturing method: Glass Tip-Carbon hybrid butt/mid section

Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.