The 610MH is where the true value of bi-directional blanks using ultra-low resin carbon is most effectively demonstrated. Most INFINITE BLADE blanks are a blend of 30-ton (Base) and 40-ton high-modulus carbon and this is definitely the case with the 610MH, which shines at pitching or casting a Texas rig with a 1/4-3/8 oz sinker, but can also be used for swim jigs, chatterbaits, and 3/8oz class jigs. It is a truly versatile, high end MH-rated rod that deserves a spot in any arsenal.

■Materials used: Carbon fiber 95% Glass fiber 5%
■Resin used: Epoxy resin
■Total length: 208cm
■Fixed dimensions: 208.3cm
■Rod weight: 112g
■Tip diameter: 1.9mm
■Base diameter: 11.5mm
■Pieces: 1 Piece
■Taper: Fast
■Manufacturing method: Tubular

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