ZPI Pentagram Star Drag PSD-05 Right Hand (for Daiwa)


ZPI’s legendary Pentagram Drag Stars are available in multiple colors and limited quantities. Known by enthusiasts the world over, these drag stars will upgrade any reel’s aesthetics and drag adjustability. The longer, tapered arms make for great one-handed, on-the-fly drag adjustments while fighting fish, so you can focus and not fumble.

These PSD-05 are a threaded drag star and fit the following reels:

Daiwa: Early Gen Non-TW Steez, TDZ/TDZ-R/R+/TDZ US Trail/TD Itö/BBS, Zillion/HLC/ZDV (Early Gen Non-TWS), T3/T3 Air/SV6.3 & 8.1TW

Please allow 5-8 days for processing & shipping.